Saturday, November 15, 2008

Baby Come Back

Baby come back.
You can blame it all on me.
I was wrong,
And I just can't live without you.
These are lyrics to the song "Baby Come Back" by a male group called Player. This is one of my favorite 1970s Classic/Lite Rock songs. The song has recently made a comeback (no pun intended) because of a mop commercial. A woman has replaced her old mop with a new one, and the old one is trying to win her back. Every time the old mop appears, this song plays. Pretty silly, I know.
But what strikes me about the song is that the guy is willing to take all the blame so that the girl will come back to him. Why does love make people want to do such things? Why are people so willing to do whatever it takes to get back with someone that (maybe) wasn't right for them? What are your thoughts on this? I want to know.


Deshara said...

People are always in search of something better. But when they realize there is no shade on the other side, they want to come back to what they miss as a good thing

VADRMGRL said...

Yea, if you have a good thing, why mess it up?

Cara said...

Because people don't realize they have a good thing? They don't feel deserving of that good thing? They don't know how it's supposed to feel? They're self-destructive? SO many reasons!

What I don't understand - and I've done this, is people setting aside their wants and needs to be with someone.