Friday, October 24, 2008

Who's Your Oz?

When I was younger, I used to get frustrated because the Wizard of Oz came on TV sooooo much. It must have come on every few weeks. If I heard that "Yellow Brick Road" song one more time, I was gonna scream. The funny thing is that I wish I could see it now.

I didn't get the meaning behind it at the time. There were four characters and a dog going to get their wishes granted by some man in a castle. (I did like when Dorothy clicked her ruby red heels to go home and when the Wicked Witch melted into a puddle). As I got older, it clicked as to what they were really doing. They were looking outside themselves for what they already had within. They wanted another person to give them what was always there. Have you done that? Looked outside yourself for something that you already possessed? What were you trying to find? Did you think another person could 'give' you that? Were you looking for love or happiness? You know I want to know.

I used to think that it was up to another person to make me happy or give me love. NEVER did I think that I could be my own Wizard of Oz. I didn't know that I had happiness, joy, or love within, and that all I had to do was stop, look, and feel it. Don't get me wrong, love and happiness from others is nice. But I don't have to depend on it like air. The fact that I don't need it from someone else is (wait for it) priceless...

So are you your own Oz? Do you find your own joy, love, and happiness? Are you on your own Yellow Brick Road?

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