Friday, October 10, 2008

Bugs or Daffy

Have you tried too hard to impress someone, but to no avail? Did you get your desired results by doing that? What would you do differently? Would you do it again?

Growing up, I watched my share of cartoons. Even though I thought Bugs Bunny was a little mean and sarcastic, he did make me laugh. Daffy Duck seemed a little neurotic and envious of Bugs. Daffy seemed to try too hard when he and Bugs were in the same scene.

In one episode, they were onstage at a theatre performing for an audience. I don't remember if they had done a performance together, but at the end, they were performing individually. When it was Daffy Duck's turn, he tap danced. Nobody clapped. You could hear crickets in the theatre. He looked a little stunned. Then it was Bugs Bunny's turn. He (Bugs) basically put one foot forward, as if he was going 'Ta Da'! The audience clapped. Daffy decided to try a little harder. He tapped, turned, whirled, and worked himself into a sweat during his performance. Again, no one clapped, and you still heard crickets in the theatre when he finished. Bugs basically did the same one foot move, and the audience went wild. I think they gave him a standing ovation. I think Daffy's bill/mouth fell off or it was wide open from shock.

It was so funny watching Daffy try so hard to win the audience over. But the sad thing is, it never worked. No matter how hard he tried, the audience was not impressed. Poor thing...

So have you 'tapped' to impress? Or put out one foot? Are you a Bugs or a Daffy?

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