Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Great Pretender

This is my first post. I'm a little nervous because it means that I'll be expressing my true thoughts and feelings. That's new for me because for most of my life, I've been a pretender.

When I say pretender, I don't mean being fake. As a pretender, I've been who I thought others wanted me to be. I've said what I thought they wanted to hear, I did things I thought they wanted to do, and I took on their thoughts as if they were my own.

I didn't realize that I could be who I wanted to be (myself), say what I wanted to say, do the things that I wanted to do, and have (and express) my own thoughts. It took a lot of bumps and bruises for me to realize that the only person I needed to be was the one I saw in the mirror and felt in my soul. Funny how life will teach you some things if you're willing to learn.


Deshara said...

Free your mind and the rest will follow. Congratulations on your blog!

VADRMGRL said...

Thank you, D!

Cara said...

I'm excited to read your blog!

VADRMGRL said...

Thank you, Cara! I hope you like. Feel free to add comments or your own applicable life situations.