Monday, October 27, 2008

Crabs and Spiders

Are you scared of false things? Are you still scared even if you know something isn't real? One of my older jokester cousins had me scared of false things.

When I was really young, this cousin threw a rubber crab on the kitchen floor. Because of its texture, it moved a little after it hit the floor. He had a string attached to it, and he pulled it to make it seem like it was getting closer. I stared at it with fear. Even though I could see the string, I just couldn't understand that it wasn't real. I couldn't understand that it only moved when the string moved. He laughed, picked it up, and threw it again. I was still scared.

Later, he, some other relatives, and I were riding in his car. This time, he threw a rubber spider on the dashboard. Why'd he do that! Now the spider looked more threatening because the car was moving. I'm sure I squealed (I still squeal) while he laughed. Again something fake looked real. And I was scared.

I think my mom or aunt told him to stop doing that. Maybe they got tired of hearing my squeals. But that was long ago. Rubber crabs and spiders are meant to scare. It's funny now. But I was scared of a false fear. Still need to work on that.

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