Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Meet Me in the Middle

A friend of mine has a good way of summing up how to interact in relationships. She calls it 'meeting in the middle'. She always gives me good advice and insight regarding relationships and life. Meeting in the middle is where relationships are formed.

Let's say that you have two fields, and there's a fence between them. All of my issues are in my field, and all of my neighbor's issues are in their field. I'm not over in their yard trying to convince them to come over to the fence; they're not in my yard trying to do the same. I'm also not pitching a tent in their field, following their ways. That leaves my field unattended. They aren't pitching tents in my field either. We each come to the fence (the middle) because it's what we want to do. We each take care of our respective fields and have a place to meet.

The fence is our common ground. That's where we build something together. This relationship middle is based upon a mutual understanding of love, honesty, and respect. It is not built upon giving in to someone else's demands or wishes (their field). It's not built on fear, lies, and deception. You can't meet in the middle and build a good, solid relationship with those undesirable traits in the way. It just doesn't work. Have you tried? Let me know how that went.

So I thank my friend for her witty way of describing good relationships. You can't go wrong when you're on even ground. Happy Trails!!

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