Friday, January 30, 2009


Jason: Should I bring my own chains?

Mark: We always do.

These are the final lines from the existential movie I Heart (Love) Huckabees. Jason Schwartzman and Mark Wahlberg are discussing their next move. They make their decision as they utter these sometimes truthful words.

It's interesting how in life we are the ones holding ourselves back. We let things that other people say and do become our chains. We let them tell us about our limitations without ever proving them (or ourselves if we believe it) wrong. And we hold onto that chain without ever trying to break a link.

Sometimes we make our own chains by letting fear get the best of us. Fear will always hold you back and keep you down if you don't overcome it. Then you won't get to be the true gift to the world that you were meant to be.

So break some links and be the best that you can be. The world is waiting...

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